Hokkaido is the second largest island in Japan. With its coastal plains, it has also a lot of natural treasures with its many national parks and volcanic plateaus. It’s got a mild summer, making it a popular place during hot days. If you miss the cherry blossoms in Tokyo, it’s good to know that in the Hokkaido Region, this happens a little later. Making it easy and convenient to experience all these, is the JR Hokkaido Pass. It lets you travel at a reduced price from Naka-Oguni to Wakkanai.

JR Hokkaido Pass

A Bargain

Because of its unspoilt nature, outdoor lovers flock to Hokkaido. During the colder months, expect many skiers and snowboarders. Likewise, from June to September, expect hikers, campers and cyclists.

With JR Hokkaido’s Hokkaido Rail Pass, reach also Sapporo with endless JR Hokkaido lines including several buses for 3 to 7 consecutive days. Since there is a 4-day version of the pass that is usable within a 10-day period, and children under 5 years old have free train access, this is definitely a cheap JR Hokkaido Pass. No wonder tourism in Japan is on the rise because of accessibility like these.

What to Do in Hokkaido

More or less you have ideas on the tourist spots in Hokkaido made more accessible by your JR Hokkaido Pass, but to amp up your experience in Japan’s last frontier, here are things you can do in the thinly populated and untouched wilderness of Hokkaido.

* Hike. What will the wilderness be for? Japan is aware of Hokkaido’s beauty and had made six national parks on this island. Its trails are definitely a treat. Even Mount Yotei has some paths to its top. For a less taxing hike, walk through forests of white bark birch trees and tall bamboo grasses.

* Using the best JR Hokkaido Pass, travel to Shikotsu-Toya National Park, which is near the capital city of Sapporo. Camp or avail of its luxe accommodations. You’ll also see “Hell Valley” here named so because of its sulfurous gorge.

* Buy fruits. Hokkaido is Japan’s home of fruit farms.

* Taste the seafood in Hokkaido. Some of the best fish and seafood on earth like Hokkaido’s sea urchin, squid, scallops, crab, and salmon are because of the Sea of Japan’s clean waters.

* Eat ramen. Hokkaido is Japan’s ramen epicenter. Unlike any student food, the region’s version is soul food. The island is also home to kombu or dried kelp. This is what makes their ramen delicious.

* With your JR Hokkaido Pass that has a free train access, go to Otaru. See the stunning view of the cliffs against the backdrop of the Sea of Japan.

* Ski if it is winter. Annual snowfall is 45 feet. The skiing trails are not too crowded for you to enjoy.

* Enjoy Ryokans or their communal baths. You also have the choice of a low-key Ryokan in Hokkaido’s small, but very private inns.

If you’re thinking of travelling to Japan, you love the outdoors and want to easily see a sample of nature’s unspoilt beauty, consider going to Hokkaido and seeing it by train. Get a JR Hokkaido Pass in Australia from JTB Australia. Visit them in https://jtbtravel.com.au.