Alloy wheels or simply known as alloys have garnered a lot of attention in the world of automobile in the decade. Those shiny bling you see in pimped cars today are made up of alloy, and their popularity among car owners and enthusiasts rises every day. They come in variety of styles, sizes, and colours, and the unwritten rule says that, the lower the profile and the larger the wheel, the cooler the tyre will look. But what more can alloy wheels offer than good aesthetics? This entry will showcase the importance and advantages of this wonderful car accessory.

This type of wheel is made by either casting or forging of metal alloys, and either made up of aluminum alloy or magnesium alloy. An alloy wheel does the same function in vehicles as the normal steel wheel, but the former has added features that can make a world of difference and actually improve your experience as a motorist.

Physical and Chemical Advantage of Aluminum as a Material

Aluminum is a popular material among various engineering applications. It has amazing properties that make it way better and more cost-efficient than steel. It is light, strong, has better high strength-to-weight ratio, has better heat conducting properties, reflective, non-toxic, non-magnetic, non-combustible, non-sparking, and above all highly resistant against corrosion. These properties obviously translate to great benefits on driving, car aesthetics, and durability of vehicles.

Alloy’s Advantage on Efficiency

Compared to regular steel that is strong, durable, impermeable but heavy, alloys are light weight, while still maintaining that durable and hard-wearing property. The latter also offers better handling and reduces unsprung weight. It provides better handling and improved road grips on most terrains. When installed in an automobile, it reduces the entire weight of the vehicle, resulting to improved fuel efficiency.

Also, compared to traditional steel counterpart, alloys have better heat conduction, which improves the vehicles brake performance, as the wheel helps dissipate the heat from the brakes of the vehicle. With that, it’s also more effective in reducing the risk of overheating, which cancels out the possibility of your tyre exploding from overheating.

Alloy also provides better balancing. This means your vehicle, be it a car, a truck, SUV, etc., balances well, reducing stress on its other parts, such as the axles and suspensions, allowing them to last longer.

Alloy’s Advantage on Aesthetics

Aesthetic wise, aluminum’s natural metallic surface looks pleasing; it doesn’t need any further finishing. If one needs to add more protection to the wheel, all the wheel needs is to thicken the natural oxide film through anodizing (a process of coating metal with a decorative or protective oxide).

The texture of the surface can be changed through varying from mirror smooth, matte and rough. Coats for aesthetics such as enamel, lacquer, paint, laminate or electroplating can also be applied.

Where to Get Your Alloy Wheel

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